Icinga missing check_nrpe on Ubuntu

Now that I’ve got Icinga up and running, I was looking to expand its’ reach by using NRPE to monitor some additional items, most noticeably Windows Event Log entries.

However, I could not get any NRPE commands to work.  The reason, the check_nrpe plugin was missing from /usr/lib/nagios/plugins or anywhere else on the server.

It would seem that the check_nrpe plugin is no longer included within the standard Nagios Plugins, but it may be installed separately through apt-get:

apt-get install nagios-nrpe-plugin

However, this also command will prompt you install the additional packages of nagios3, nagios3-cgi, nagios3-common and nagios3-core. As I’m using Icinga, this is the last things I want or need to install.

The solution, is to run the apt-get command with –use-no-install-recommends parameter:

apt-get install nagios-nrpe-plugin --use-no-install-recommends

Worked like a treat.


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