The return of LeafURL

Nearly a year ago I wrote a URL Shortening service called LeafURL.  This was part intellectual exercise and part fun – part of me just wanted to build something other than a “standard” website.  As with most spur of the moment ideas, it took longer than expected to complete.  I did include some extra bells and whistles including graphical reports using the Microsoft Chart Controls.

A few weeks ago, I decided to give LeafURL an annual service and to improve its’ overall integration with the Calzada Media website.  A few scratchings of the head later punctuated with quite a few what on earth did I do here? and version 2 of LeafURL has appeared.  With version 2, LeafURL is now powered by the UrlShortener module for Camino CMS, Calzada Media’s own content management system.  Outwardly, there are few visual changes, but by using the latest version of Camino, LeafURL is now more stable and robust than before.

The newly refurbished LeafURL is now available and is free to use by anyone.

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